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Monday, 27 February 2012

Mature Woman Has Her Way

Mature Woman Has Her Way

Finding life on unemployment street very boring, not to mention the fact of always been broke, I decided to go job hunting. In the job office were all the typical jobs on offer from the likes of the burger giants but then one caught my eye.

"A mature minded young person
required to work in local clothing
store. Wages and hours will be
discussed at interview."

Ok it wasn't something that an 18-year-old lad like myself would normally go for, but anything other than been up to my elbows in grease all day seemed pretty good to me. The woman on the desk gave me a strange look and asked me if I was really sure I wanted to work there. I was puzzled by her behaviour but nonetheless she set up an interview for the next day with the store.

The following morning found me in a freshly ironed suit and clean shoes walking through town to find the store. I felt a bit of a fool dressed up as I was and hoped that I wouldn't run into any of the guys. Eventually I found the store and nearly turned away to walk back home when I first clapped eyes on the place, but I needed the job, badly. The bell tinkled a cheery warning to the owner as I swung the door open and stepped inside. If the front of the store looked old fashioned then the insides of the place looked like I had just stepped back in time to the forties. Everything in the place seemed to be every shade of brown that could ever be. The clothes hanging on the racks, the big old heavy wooden counter top and even the old fashioned till with its big brass buttons.

"Hello young man may I help you?" a matronly looking woman asked me with some distain from behind the counter.

"Hello... yes... I am John Miller and I have come about the job." I stuttered and held out my hand.

She studied me with piercing blue eyes through her half moon glasses, refusing to uncross her arms from under her ample bosom to take my offered hand and shake it. Her grey hair was tightly knotted into a bun onto the back of her head and a black suit hugged her ample frame just as tightly. She scornfully pursed her bright red lips, and even though I don't like to admit it, she scared me.

What seemed like an eternity later she finally spoke. "You are a boy and this is a ladies fitting store. We only supply the finest clothing to the finest ladies so what on earth could you possibly offer me?" It seemed more like a demand rather than a question such was her authority.

"I am a hard worker and I am..."

"Yes I bet you are." She abruptly cut me off. "Come here and join me behind this counter to see how it fits you." She ordered. Although she didn't snap her fingers I could have sworn I heard it and I jumped to attention.

I quickly joined her side and noticed that everything about her was stern and that she wouldn't take any nonsense. As strange as it sounds I found the smell of her lavender perfume alluring, even sexy. Maybe it wasn't just the perfume because I realised that whenever she spoke to me a little shiver run up my spine.

"Pay attention boy. In these draws are kept buttons, various lace trimmings and silk ribbon for making bows and all sorts of bric-a-brac. You will learn the name of every button and you will memorise where everything is kept. I do not like and will not accept tardiness of any sort. Do you understand boy?"

I opened my mouth to reply but didn't get the chance because as I went to lean on the counter my fingertips caught a dish of paper clips and flipped it over throwing the contents all over the floor behind the counter. She glared at me then down at the floor before slowly turning her blazing eyes back to my madly blushing face. That shiver ran up my spine again. Instead of talking she simply pointed a well-manicured finger that was painted the same bright red as her lipstick, to the floor. I understood her orders and quickly dropped to my knees.

My fingers scrabbled at the little clips and it was then that I noticed her black patent leather stiletto shoes. I paused briefly in my task to let my eyes wander from the shoes, over her nicely turned ankles and up her strong calf muscles to the hem of her skirt which ended just above her knee. I saw that she was wearing either black stockings or pantyhose with a black pencil line on the back of them running from her shoes to the darkness underneath her skirt. I gulped and for some wierd reason found myself hoping that they were stockings. Suddenly the tinkling of the doorbell brought me back to reality.

"Stay where you are boy." She whispered harshly at me.

This was one order I didn't mind following at all because it would give me plenty of time to drink in the beauty of her legs. I moved quietly so that I was sitting on the floor with my back resting on the draws and my knees huddled up to my chest. All manner of erotic thoughts ran through my mind as she dealt with the customer. What was i thinking, i chided myself, this woman is at least fifty. I noted that she spoke a lot more civil to the lady than she did to me. Suddenly she stepped over me so that she had a leg either side of my hips.

I couldn't believe it; maybe she had forgotten I was there. But no she cant have because I heard her telling the customer that she was going to employ a helper at the store so long as she could find one that did as she asked and never answered back. Then they had a little laugh about how difficult it was finding good staff these days.

She shuffled forward a couple of inches as she messed about with something on the top of the counter, and because my face was on line with her crotch I couldn't help but have the tip of my nose brush the front of her skirt. My heart was pounding with excitement and I could feel my prick begin to respond to the crazy situation I now found myself in.

I couldn't help myself as I began to nuzzle gently against her front. I thought she might move away but I was wrong and found her pressing her hips forward. With the excitement bar raised I used my shaking hands to caress her shoes and ankles. She still didn't move so I softly stroked my fingers up her nylon-clad calves to the hem of her skirt and when I met no resistance I pushed a little further.

"Mrs. Matson would you be a dear and hand me that small case of handkerchiefs down from the shelf behind you?" I heard her ask the customer.

I thought i had blown it and thought that she was going to go mad at me. I mentally kicked my own ass for been such a pervert for lusting after an older woman. But the moment the customer had turned around she quickly lifted her skirt and dropped it over my head.

It took me a second or two to realise what had happened as I found myself suddenly encased in a muffled darkness. Then my straining cock lurched violently in the confines of my trousers as I found from the softness of her thigh against my cheek that she was wearing stockings and not pantyhose. Turning my head slightly I kissed first one inner thigh just above the stocking top, to test the water. When i found that there was no resistance I turned my head to the other side so that I could apply my lips to her other inner thigh. My hands continued to caress and stroke her calves and ankles and as I became bolder I began to use my tongue instead of my lips.

After barely a minute of licking around her stocking tops my mature and stern soon to be boss parted her legs a little bit more either side of me. I couldn't believe it. Although I had a little idea of what she wanted me to do next I was unsure whether to actually do it or not. Was she really offering me to go even further. I had come this far and she had instigated all of it so taking the bull by the horns I tilted my head back a little way and ran my tongue over the gusset of her panties. The cotton felt both rough and smooth at the same time and I was in heaven. Five minutes ago she wouldn't even shake my hand but now she was offering me one of my wildest fantasies.

With my hormones running wild I began lapping at her covered slit. My senses were reeling with the combination of the smell of her lavender perfume and the musk of her excited pussy. All I wanted to do was rip her panties off and bury my tongue into her hot cunt so that I could taste her womanly juices, but I knew I had to restrain myself because I didn't want the customer knowing what was going on. I was also pretty sure that I wasn't the only one who didn't want anyone else finding out either.

The muffled conversation between the two women continued and after a few short minutes of sheer panty licking bliss I heard the tinkle of a faraway bell.

"Oh fuck me with your tongue boy!!!" She almost screamed as she pulled her skirt back up and dragged her spittle sodden panties to one side. "I thought she would never go." She hoarsely groaned as she grabbed a handful of my hair and forced my face into her crotch

Her fat juicy cunt lips seemed to cover most of my face as I drove my tongue into her hot depths. She pushed herself down onto me with such force that I thought she was going to break my nose as I tongue fucked her. Her pussy washed my face with its slick juices as she rocked feverously backwards and forwards. Using my nose to rub on her engorged clitoris I lashed and whipped her frothy cunt. "Oh fuck... fuck... I'm cumming boy... don't... you dare... stop." She gasped and panted as she let loose a river of sweet juice.

I wanted to drink all of her feminine liquid down into my belly and to make sure that not a single drop was wasted I reached up and clutching at her ass cheeks I pulled her even further onto my gulping sucking mouth. Her hips bucked wildly and her legs shook with such force that I thought she was going to collapse. Slowly her orgasm ebbed and subsided and her wild shaking slowed to a gentle tremble.

She went to move away but I held her in place as my tongue and lips continued to pay homage to her sex. I gently sucked and licked every part of her womanhood to make sure she was cleansed of all her cream. Only when I was satisfied did I allow her to move. I still remained seated on the floor as I watched her use her hands to flatten her rumpled skirt out.

"Well young man because you have proven yourself to be a good worker you will arrive here for work at precisely nine am tomorrow morning. Not a minute sooner and not a minute later. Now get off the floor and go home."

She had returned to her former strict and disciplined self and as I pulled myself off the floor I grinned to myself. I just know that I am going to love working here. My hard prick was screaming for attention and I wanted to fuck her so bad, but I knew it wasn't going to be today. I thanked her for the interview and for giving me the job before I made my exit out of that old world woman's clothing store.

Maybe it wouldn't happen at all and that I would have to just make do with satisfying her lustful needs. But that night as I lay in bed stroking my cock I fucked her in every way possible.

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