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Sunday, 18 March 2012



I was surprised when my sister Nora called me and asked if she could stop by. We didn't get along, and rarely had any contact anymore, but she said she really needed to talk to me, so I agreed. Two years my senior, at 24, Nora lived just across town but we never even talked to each other anymore, so this was a real surprise.
The doorbell to my apartment rang, and I got a much bigger surprise. When I opened the door and saw my sister standing there with her boyfriend Bob, I couldn't believe my eyes at the size of her chest! Growing up, Nora and I were both pretty flat-chested, and Nora had always been really hung up about the size of her chest. But the Nora that stood on my doorstep was far from flat-chested! She was wearing tight jeans and a sweatshirt that seemed to be struggling to cover her huge breasts! Her chest looked huge!
I couldn't take my eyes off of her, she looked so different. I was totally speechless.
"Can we come in?"
I stepped back and motioned them inside. I couldn't take my eyes off of Nora's chest. How was she so huge? They stepped inside, and Nora's boyfriend Bob turned and closed the door. I turned and moved into the tiny "living room" of my little apartment, and Bob suddenly grabbed me from behind. His hands snaked up under my arms and then back behind my neck, trapping my arms helplessly in a full nelson. I began to struggle but he was way too strong.
"Hey! What are you doing?" I managed to shriek at him. He didn't appear to hear me as I saw Nora step around in front of me.
"Get her down on her knees." She told him.
Immediately Bob forced me down, pushing my neck so far forward that I thought my arms would be ripped from their sockets. He forced me into a kneeling position, and then let up a little so that I could look up at her. I looked up at her, and, once again, I was astounded at the size of her chest. "Nora, what the hell is wrong with you? Tell him to let go of me!"
She just smiled at me, and as I watched, grasped the bottom of her sweatshirt with both hands and pulled it up over breasts, showing her to not be wearing a bra. I forgot about Bob holding me down for a moment as I stared a her huge tits! They were massive, each larger around than a softball! They looked swollen and firm, and her nipples were hard. The mesmerized daze I was in, staring at her tits, ended suddenly as she leaned forward and used both hands to point her right breast in my face. She squeezed her breast and a fine white stream sprayed in my face. Her milk was all over my face, and as I turned my head to one side to avoid it, she moved and sprayed me again. She stepped back and looked down at me as her milk dripped from my face when suddenly I noticed how wonderful it smelled! Almost unconsciously I licked the milk off my lips, and as soon as I tasted it I wanted more! I hungered for it, I needed it. "Let her go." Nora commanded Bob, and hearing that voice I knew at once that I would do anything for her.
Bob let me go, and I looked up at my sister with reverence in my eyes.
"Stand up." She told me, and standing up, I rushed to obey her. I wanted nothing more in the world than to please her. She stepped closer to me, breasts still exposed, and with one hand pulled my head down to her teat. I eagerly took her nipple in my mouth and began to suckle. Drinking down milk from her breast, I was in heaven. It was the most warm, wonderful, safe feeling you could ever imagine. When I'd sucked for only a moment she pulled her tit away from me, and I felt the most profound sense of loss imaginable. I wanted to suckle at her breast, I wanted to drink more of her glorious milk.
I looked up at my new master, her milk still dribbling from the corner of my mouth, and saw her smiling the most evil smile. I watched as she pulled off her sweatshirt altogether and unzipped her jeans. After stepping out of her jeans Nora pulled off her panties and kicked them aside.

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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Boarder

The Boarder
Brian Houlihan
It all started when I rented a basement apartment from this middle aged German couple in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago.  Werner and Frieda, both in their fifties, did not stand out in a crowd.  If you saw them on the street you would probably think them the most nondescript couple of all.  That's the impression I had too, when I first rented the small apartment.

I was at a real low point in my life.  I had just split up with my wife, Pat, and she had the old apartment in the suburbs.  Now I was on my own in the city, working a clerical job at a film production house downtown.  I was approaching forty years old and I just seemed to be adrift.  But thank God I had a job when I signed the lease for the apartment.  Frieda showed it to me.  It was neat, clean, and cheap.  Perfect for me.  I filled out the application and she seemed pleasant, cordial, but nothing out of the ordinary.  As I said, she appeared kind of nondescript.  About five six, dyed brown hair, blue eyes, big tits, big ass.  Dressed conservatively.

She said she would check my credit and get back to me.  Fine.  I was staying at a motel downtown.  She phoned me that night, which seemed awfully quick.  I was approved and could move in immediately.  She said she wouldn't begin to charge me until the first of the month.  Since this was the third week in April that was very generous. My old buddy Ray had a truck and he helped me m
ove.  I didn't have much stuff so it was no biggie.

I liked living in the city, as opposed to the suburbs, and went for walks as often as I could.  However, the apartment was in the basement and it didn't get much light.  It was dark a lot and kind of gloomy.  If I was depressed this dark quality just added to it.

I ran into Frieda one Saturday morning. She was watering the lawn in the back yard.  She was wearing shorts and she looked nice. "Hi David."

"Hi Mrs. Schmidt.  You look nice in those shorts."

"Why thank you!  Oh David, Werner and I want you to come for dinner tomorrow night.  Seven pm.  Upstairs."

The way she said it, she didn't even consider me not accepting.  I was hesitant.  But she was the landlord and I wanted to be on their good side. "Um..okay.  Thank you.  I'll be there, Mrs. Schmidt."
She smiled and continued watering the grass.

Dinner was a bit tense.  Frieda seemed to want to draw me out, but she also seemed very nosy.
"Do you have a girlfriend?  I would think a good looking man like you would have several."

"No, not really.  I just split up with my wife.  But thanks for the compliment."

"Well I'm sure it's her loss.  You'll have another one in no time. Probably better looking."

She kept staring and smiling at me.  Her attention made me a bit uneasy.

Werner said almost nothing.  Just ate with his head down.  But Frieda definitely wore the pants in that family. "Werner, more wine!"

He'd pop up out of his chair, go into the kitchen, and return with a fresh bottle of German wine, which he poured for everyone.  I got the impression he worked as some kind of contractor.

"Are you going out to the clubs to meet girls, David?"

"Uh..not that much."

"Well it's best to get back into the swim of things.  You know, like getting thrown from a horse.  You just jump right back on.  Don't let the horse intimidate you."

"I'm sure that's good advice."

They served pot roast and it was delicious.  After dinner, we had some brandy in the living room.  They had a nice big apartment, two bedroom. "Do you like brandy, David?"

"Oh yes.  I love to drink."

"Ha.  Ha.  What else do you love?"

"That's a secret."

Frieda chuckled and smiled at me.  She enjoyed repartee like that.  And I was positive she wanted to know all of my secrets.  But what were hers?

As I was leaving their place to return to my apartment downstairs, she walked me to the back door and then kissed me on the cheek.  That seemed odd.  For the first dinner with the new boarder.  Oh well.  She smelled good and her big tits felt good too.

The following Saturday morning I was sleeping in late.  The job was boring and it looked like it might be ending soon.  The office gossip was that they were in trouble.  Financial trouble.  I picked up a bottle of vodka on my way home and drank it in my room.

There was a knock at the door.  Weird.  I didn't know anybody in the neighborhood and it wouldn't be Ray, he would have called me.  I got out of bed and opened the door a sliver.  It was Frieda.  She had on new jeans and low heels. "Hi David.  I hope I didn't wake you."

She glanced down at my crotch and I realized I was semi hard in my jockey shorts. "Uh no, Frieda.  Kind of a big night.  What can I do for you?"
"I want you to come shopping with me.  Just some groceries.  It'll be fun."

I stood there for a minute.  I really didn't feel like going.  But there was something about her.  I looked up again and she glanced at my dick again and smiled. "Throw some jeans on and meet me in the garage in ten minutes."


After I shut door, I touched my dick and I was now rock hard, thinking of her smile and her looking at my crotch.  Did Frieda want me sexually? That's the vibe I got.  But what about her husband?  Hey, she was in charge.

These thoughts ran thru my head while I threw some clothes on and ran an electric razor over my face.

Frieda beamed with a big smile when I arrived in the garage.  They had a late model Lincoln Town Car so business must be pretty good for her and Werner. As we drove to the store I realized I enjoyed being in her company. There was something mysterious about her.  What were her motives?  I was bored and quite lonely.  Didn't really have any friends in the city, with the exception of Ray.  So I was flattered that she was taking an interest in me.

She was kind of amusing in the store.  She would pick something out and put it in her basket, then explain why she chose that item.

She lit up in the cosmetics section. "Did you know I dye my hair?"

"No."   (I lied.) "You're not a very good lair, David.  But you are sweet."

Here she slapped me on the ass affectionately.  I got hard.  As the day wore on she was touching me more and more. "Ever thought about giving yourself some highlights in your hair?"


"You have pretty hair."

Touching my hair and my neck.  I loved her fingers on me.  My dick was out and tingling.  Could she see it?

"Have you ever thought about shaving your legs?"


"You have very nice legs.  Womanly.  A lot of girls would kill for your legs," she laughs. I didn't know how to take it.

She liked to buy all the tabloids too. "I love to read all the dirt and scandals.  The more dirt the better."
Here she slapped my ass again, but this time her hand lingered on it.

When we returned home, I offered to help her put her things away. "Oh no, I've bothered you enough.  Go chase some girls,"  then another swat on the butt.

Returning to my apartment, I had a full fledged, wet hard on.  I had had it for half of the time with her.  I made myself a drink and began fantasizing about Frieda Schmidt.  Did she want to have sex with me?  It sure seemed like it.  Did she know I was very, very turned on by dominant women? How could she know that?

I took a nap and woke up later with a very wet crotch.  I had had a great wet dream about her dominating me.  Then I jacked off and had a wonderful cum.

The following week I was let go from the job.  Yeah, they were in trouble all right.  And now so was I.  Now I was really depressed.  Of course I was around the apartment now on week days.  I would see Frieda now and then and she was always friendly.  Thank God she didn't ask me about my job.  That was tactful.

On Friday she knocked on my door and asked if I would like to make some extra money?  Sure.  She needed her garage cleaned.  It was filthy.  She would pay me fifty bucks.  Great!  I set to work immediately.  It took me several hours.

When I was finished I was very proud of my work.  I had removed about 18 full bags of trash from the place.  I thought about knocking on her door and asking for the money.  But then thought against that.  Maybe she knew I was out of work.  That was classy.  Why not just wait until she brings it up and pays me?

I must confess here that I was thinking about her a lot and jacking off a lot. She was the main character in my fantasies.

The following Monday she knocked on my door.  It was early afternoon. She seemed a bit dressed up, make up and a nice skirt and pressed blouse.  The blouse showcased her big tits.

"Ah.  You're in.  Good.  You did such a good job, cleaning the garage, I want  you to come up and have a drink."

By this time I didn't even consider turning her down.  I didn't know where this was going.   But I was enjoying it.  It did not go unnoticed that she didn't bring this up until she was alone and Werner was at work.

I was dressed casually in jeans.  I knocked on her back door and she led me into the living room.  There were two drinks on the coffee table. Strong drinks.  Manhattans.  She paid me the fifty bucks and handed me my drink.  I was semi hard in my pants.  I noted the drinks seemed to have no effect on her.  She was crossing her legs a lot.  Was this a date?  With her husband coming home some time?  Intense staring at me.  Had she been having wet dreams too?

"David, do you ever feel like something is missing in your life?"
"Yeah.  Sometimes."

I noticed her playing with her high heels a lot.  Kind of twirling and displaying them.

"You are such a sweet boy.  But you seem sort of lost.  Without direction."

I just sat there and took this in, the whiskey burning a hole in my belly. She smiled and poured us more Manhattans from a large pitcher she had made.

"It seems like you just need some discipline, something to motivate you."

I said nothing. But the word discipline started to get my prick hard. And that intense stare of hers, like a cat eyeing a mouse.  A trapped mouse. Did she know I was into dominant women somehow?  How? Now she was rubbing my leg.  Cast iron boner.  I couldn't believe she was being so intimate.  I hadn't had sex with anybody in ages.

"Do you mind me touching you, David?"

"No!  it's nice."

"Good hon.  I like you.  And I like touching you.  Do you like me?"

"Yes Mrs. Schmidt."



"That's better."

Now her hand was rubbing my mid thigh.  My dick was punching my pants. "David, I want us to be close.  I think it will be good for both of us."

I was stunned.  I didn't know what to say.

She leaned over and kissed me softly on the lips.  Then her tongue entered my mouth.  Boldly roaming around and then sucking my tongue. Her perfume smelled nice.  She was wearing more of it than usual. Squeezing my leg.  She sipped her drink and just stared at me.  Then another long, sexy kiss, rubbing my leg.

"Stand up, hon."

I stood up.  What now?  Did she have some kind of plan? She seemed bold.  I was a bit scared. She just smiled at me as she sipped her drink. "Take your pants off, honey."

I just stood there.  Was she serious? "Well, do it!  Go on!  Don't just stand there!"

Her voice was suddenly bossy.  Trembling and very nervous, I undid my belt and attempted to remove my pants.  It was very awkward because I tried to take the pants off over my shoes, but it wouldn't work.  So I had to sit down and unlace and remove my shoes.  My hands were shaking.  I was under her spell.  She just sat there sipping her drink and smiling, as if she was quite used to this.

Finally I was standing in front of her in my jockey briefs and a t shirt.  My dick was rock hard.  And wet. "Down boy!"

With that she slapped my dick.  Hard.  I doubled over in pain. "Bad boys get hard without permission."

Now I was getting frightened. "Come here."

I stood in front of her.  She pulled me in between her legs.  She was still smiling at me and rubbing the backs of my legs. "Such a pretty girl."

The next thing I knew I was over her lap.  This was taking on a dream like quality.  Then she pulled down my jockey briefs.  Then she was stroking my ass cheeks and my upper thighs.  The air was electric with sexual tension.  I was almost afraid to breathe.  But I did savor her being in charge, Frieda making all the decisions for me.

"Just relax hon.  Momma's gonna give you a good spank and you can have a good cry."

Now I was scared.  It was all like a strange dream.  But my dick was harder than ever. Crack!  Crack!


"Shhh.  Quiet baby.  Don't be a bad girl."

The two spanks were hard.  My ass was stinging.  But god I was excited. "Such a pretty girlie ass and asshole."

Her fingers playing on my ass, then in my crack, then probing my anus. Had she planned it this way? CRACK!  CRACK!  CRACK!  CRACK!  CRACK! She was incrediby strong.  It hurt.  I was crying already. "Ow!  Oww!  Frieda no, that hurts!"

"Shh. Quiet baby.  Momma loves you. This is for your own good."

I could hear myself crying and sobbing.  Like a child. Her fingers on my ass, then on my balls, thighs, then squuezing my dick. She knew it was turning me on. CRACK!  CRACK! CRACK!  CRACK!  CRACK! Next thing I knew I was bawling my eyes out.  Wailing loudly.  Then she'd be stroking me again.

"Shhhh.  Moma's here honey.  It's all right."

Then I could feel her finger going into my asshole.  Just a little. Then a little more.  Then she pulled her finger out and grasped my rock hard dick. "You little whore!"

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Wailing some more, hiccuping and shaking with fear. "Almost finished baby.  Almost over Precious."

I could hear myself crying loudly.  Then it was quiet.  Then she was touching my dick again.  Slowly jacking it.  She must have known exactly how close I was.  Suddenly I went over into this dreamlike cum, my dick kept pumping and pumping and pumping, with her help.  I shot a big load right away.  I seemed to just keep cumming for a long, long time and then she kept jacking me after I came. Long after.  It got painful. "Ow!  Frieda!  Stop!"


My face was soaking wet from crying.  It was like I had reverted to childhood or something.  Thirty nine years old and bawling like a baby. Post orgasmic euphoria.  My dick and balls felt drained and wonderful. Now she was stroking my ass again and my thighs. "Good girl. You are such a good girl."

I seemed to cry and heave for a long, long  time. Then a long silence while she stroked me.

"Stand up honey."

Finally I stood up.  On wobbly legs.  In a dream.  My dick was soft. There was a puddle of cum on her carpet.  My  jockey shorts were in a heap on the floor.  As I stood there I realized that that was easily the best orgasm I had ever experienced. She was smiling at me.  Beaming.  Her face was wet and disheveled.

"Such a pretty girl."

Then she was up and embracing me, kissing me, her tongue in my mouth, sucking my tongue, in control, stroking my ass, whimpering with pleasure.

"That was wonderful.  I knew that's what my baby needed.  And now I've got a present for a good girl who took her first spanking for Momma."

Frieda  picked up her skirt and removed her panties.  They were full cut cotton, purple colored.  They looked very, very wet.  She smiled at me and then held then open for me. "Don't just stand there, Stupid.  Step in."

I stepped into the soiled, wet panties of this in charge woman and she pulled them up my legs and smoothed them around my very spent dick and balls. "I want you in panties whenever I see you David.  Did you hear me?"

"Yes Frieda."

"Mommy.  You call me Mommy now."
"Yes Mommy."

She kissed me on the lips and patted my hair, like I was a pet that had performed well.
"Okay Precious.  Get dressed and get out of here."

In a total sex daze, I got into my clothes.  As I was about to leave, I picked up my jockey shorts.  She grabbed them out of my hand. "Give me those.  Girls wear panties.  Not this shit.  Understand?"
"Yes Mommy."

She swatted me on the ass. "Now scoot."

 That was the begining.

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