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Sunday, 18 March 2012


I was surprised when my sister Nora called me and asked if she could stop by. We didn't get along, and rarely had any contact anymore, but she said she really needed to talk to me, so I agreed. Two years my senior, at 24, Nora lived just across town but we never even talked to each other anymore, so this was a real surprise.
The doorbell to my apartment rang, and I got a much bigger surprise. When I opened the door and saw my sister standing there with her boyfriend Bob, I couldn't believe my eyes at the size of her chest! Growing up, Nora and I were both pretty flat-chested, and Nora had always been really hung up about the size of her chest. But the Nora that stood on my doorstep was far from flat-chested! She was wearing tight jeans and a sweatshirt that seemed to be struggling to cover her huge breasts! Her chest looked huge!
I couldn't take my eyes off of her, she looked so different. I was totally speechless.
"Can we come in?"
I stepped back and motioned them inside. I couldn't take my eyes off of Nora's chest. How was she so huge? They stepped inside, and Nora's boyfriend Bob turned and closed the door. I turned and moved into the tiny "living room" of my little apartment, and Bob suddenly grabbed me from behind. His hands snaked up under my arms and then back behind my neck, trapping my arms helplessly in a full nelson. I began to struggle but he was way too strong.
"Hey! What are you doing?" I managed to shriek at him. He didn't appear to hear me as I saw Nora step around in front of me.
"Get her down on her knees." She told him.
Immediately Bob forced me down, pushing my neck so far forward that I thought my arms would be ripped from their sockets. He forced me into a kneeling position, and then let up a little so that I could look up at her. I looked up at her, and, once again, I was astounded at the size of her chest. "Nora, what the hell is wrong with you? Tell him to let go of me!"
She just smiled at me, and as I watched, grasped the bottom of her sweatshirt with both hands and pulled it up over breasts, showing her to not be wearing a bra. I forgot about Bob holding me down for a moment as I stared a her huge tits! They were massive, each larger around than a softball! They looked swollen and firm, and her nipples were hard. The mesmerized daze I was in, staring at her tits, ended suddenly as she leaned forward and used both hands to point her right breast in my face. She squeezed her breast and a fine white stream sprayed in my face. Her milk was all over my face, and as I turned my head to one side to avoid it, she moved and sprayed me again. She stepped back and looked down at me as her milk dripped from my face when suddenly I noticed how wonderful it smelled! Almost unconsciously I licked the milk off my lips, and as soon as I tasted it I wanted more! I hungered for it, I needed it. "Let her go." Nora commanded Bob, and hearing that voice I knew at once that I would do anything for her.
Bob let me go, and I looked up at my sister with reverence in my eyes.
"Stand up." She told me, and standing up, I rushed to obey her. I wanted nothing more in the world than to please her. She stepped closer to me, breasts still exposed, and with one hand pulled my head down to her teat. I eagerly took her nipple in my mouth and began to suckle. Drinking down milk from her breast, I was in heaven. It was the most warm, wonderful, safe feeling you could ever imagine. When I'd sucked for only a moment she pulled her tit away from me, and I felt the most profound sense of loss imaginable. I wanted to suckle at her breast, I wanted to drink more of her glorious milk.
I looked up at my new master, her milk still dribbling from the corner of my mouth, and saw her smiling the most evil smile. I watched as she pulled off her sweatshirt altogether and unzipped her jeans. After stepping out of her jeans Nora pulled off her panties and kicked them aside.

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