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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Milking Procedure

Milking Procedure
NHS Direct

  • The doctor will tell you that she needs to insert her finger into your rectum in order to stimulate your prostate gland.

  • She will then ask you to stand in front of the examination couch, feet apart, facing and to bend forward so that your arms or elbows are on the couch.

  • Your wife or a female relative may wish to be present

  • The doctor will put on a surgical glove and will cover a finger in lubricant.

  • She will then squeeze her finger into your anus, inserting it in a downwards angle as if pointing to the umbilicus (belly button).


    There may be a little discomfort. Try to relax.

  • A few seconds may elapse as the doctor waits for the external sphincter muscle to relax.

  • She will then beging moving her finger in and out, stroking your prostate until you start to dribble ejaculate. This may take several minutes, and may or may not occasion some tumesence.

    If you become erect, the doctor may roll you over to display you to her colleagues.

  • When your milking is complete, the doctor will remove her finger.

  • In the absence of any other release, this procedure should take place at least once a week.

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